Market 100% of your homes!

Even the ones your local mls doesn't allow you to.

Build profitable networking opportunities & crush your competition with social media solutions that drive your community's traffic. Closing you more homes! 


Social Media Network Marketing Solution

Having problems getting rid of that inventory home that just won't sale?


Dominate your market by staying top of mind, generating leads the easy way.


How does the FirstWalk Registration Card work?

Well, have you ever noticed ads or videos that follow you around Facebook?

That's the start of FirstWalk Registration Card. First, you provide us with your why me community video. 

Then we target 6,000-30,000 potential new clients on Facebook each month that are most likely to purchase in your community. 

Open House Expert

FirstWalk Registration Card

This builds brand loyalty and increases new buyer traffic.

Second FirstWalk Registration Card will automatically locate your new leads we targeted for you (6,000-30,000/mo) and your walk-in traffic on Facebook. Then we start stalking them. We retarget them with your why me community video that will follow them everywhere on Facebook. 

Then we provide you with a custom URL landing page for walk-in traffic. Your FirstWalk Registration Card. 

"Paper registration cards as older than an 8-track tape."

If you don't have internet yet in your community you can just text them the link. 

Insuring you stay top of mind.

Then when someone interacts with your why me community video we will know it. 

All they have to do is watch your video, click on your video or click on your call to action link.

Your call to action link is apart of FirstWalk Registration Card. 

This link is customized just for you and is enabled with the Facebook pixel for retargeting ads. You will have access to this link to use for your non-paid facebook post that you do on your own.

This allows you to capture leads! Leads are then sent to your personal email in real time.

FirstWalk Registration Card comes with 2 retargeting ads. Each with is own custom lead capture link. 

Once potential clients have engaged with your why me community video or your call to action link. We retarget them again with...

Your why me community video.

Building brand loyalty

One retargeted buyer ad

(You choose the topic of ad)

For Increased Conversion

We Generate Leads  "You Close Them"

Each community can network with with 3 Local FirstWalk Top Agents. Each agent is equipped with Smart Targeting Reports.

You will know what new construction communities & zip codes your clients and prospects are interested in.

When they are online searching for homes & how active are they looking. 

Plus each realtor has their own personal link to market your community.

This gives them more incentive to market your community & homes. Bring you more prospects specifically for your community.


Crush Your Competition! 

Calculate Your Own ROI With FirstWalk

Brand Awareness

Your Brand Growing

Lead Notifications

You Generating Leads

Close Homes & Make Money

We do the rest.


Note: *You will receive monthly reports from all your ads directly to your email. Monthly adjustment to ads are permitted on most ads. Contact FirstWalk for all details.

Leverage marketing relationships with Top Agents

FirstWalk Registration Card

$159 / Month

up to $70/ mo ad spend

Direct lead notifications

Client activity tracking

Increased conversion

1 Buyer retargeting ad

2 Custom landing pages

Increased traffic

1 Why me reach/retargeting ad

Build brand loyalty

FirstWalk Social (Lead Capture)

$30 / month

Each additional Ad

Note: FirstWalk Registration Card is Required (doesn't include ad spend)

1 Custom landing page

Have your next open house go viral.

Open House Expert

Partner With A Top Agent?

Click here to get started with your automation (activecampaign recommended)

Add Email Automation

Starts at $9 /month

Add Email Automation & CRM

Starts at $49 / month

Click here to get started with your automation & CRM (activecampaign recommended)

Traffic is automatically added to Email Marketing Automation and/or CRM

You will be able to monitor where your buyer is in the selling process. Then once they convert send them through a personalized automation to increase customer experience.  

Now that we have a custom audience what happens next?