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FirstWalk's powerful exclusive software and training accelerates the 4 core sources of lead generation for real estate to build up your business.  


What 4 Core Source of Lead Generation Does FirstWalk Accelerate?



Social Media- Is the most powerful location to win referrals, nurture relationships with your sphere of influence, geographic farm specific communities, increase retention and develop a demographic farm, meaning you find people who share something in common with you. Perhaps a hobby, you attend the same church, you’re from the same high school, etc. 

Video MarketingFrom virtual open houses to engaging with your sphere of influence video marketing is the number one engagement solution your clients crave. Give it to them!

Builder's Community Sales Pros.- Partnering with builders sales pros is like hitting a gold mind. With the correct strategy you will turn on an endless supply of referrals capturing buyer and seller leads. 

Sphere of InfluenceThese are the people who already know, like, and trust you. Family, friends, neighbors, former coworkers, etc. 

If you have questions about how FirstWalk can help you, please sign up for the free 14 day free trial or just create your FirstWalk profile. We will send you a short video to watch to learn more about these valuable sources and how they are integrated with FirstWalk. 

We stand behind our powerful exclusive software and Smart Agent training that accelerates the 4 core sources of lead generation with 100% confidence. Our most successful agents have sold over 600 homes a year. We realize that won't be the case for every agent, but imagine how much your sales will increase over the next year with FirstWalk.

We guarantee that if you follow our Smart Agent Training, you will be a Top 20% Agent not just in your local area but the nation!  

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The FirstWalk social media video marketing plan is the absolute best program for selling homes that I have ever seen. The training I have received in this program not only encompasses video marketing. It also includes plans for helping the builder’s sales reps complete more transactions with your help; if some buyers of new homes need to sell a home, I'm now in line to receive referrals from the builder reps and more... because of FirstWalk I’m building a relationships with the builder sales reps as well as my buyers. My builder’s reps that I have gotten to know are equally excited as I am about the plan. After uploading one of my first videos, I received a call from friends that said they will be buying a home with me very soon. And my builder reps receive calls from buyers that saw my videos. Even after 40+ years of being a broker I have finally found the marketing plan and training I’ve been searching for all these years. I can’t say enough about FirstWalk. Thanks Shane 

Wayne Watson

Wayne Watson Real Estate

FirstWalk Smart Agent has been career changing for me. This was the second time I activated my license. Before FirstWalk I didn’t receive the training I needed to have a profitable career, now I do thanks to Shane and FirstWalk. I've received buyer & seller referrals through FirstWalk. Even my friends that know four or more agents now choose me over other agents after seeing my video marketing campaign FirstWalk taught me. FirstWalk will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s the push I needed. FirstWalk is amazing and I highly recommend FirstWalk to anyone. 

Myra Jensen

Woodrow Realty

I started my Real-Estate career with a world recognized brokerage. The reason I chose that brokerage was for their first class training. They lived up to that reputation, the knowledge I gained was unprecedented. Then came the fees. I began to feel like I was paying for the big name & the instant credibility I got with working for a big company. Even as a new agent I quickly realized I rarely went to the office, but the large fees continued. Shortly after I became an agent I met Shane & we hit it off from the start. He introduced FirstWalk to me & I was sold. I understand the real estate industry has already started shifting to an internet "cloud based" type of industry and will continue to do so more and more. Putting two and two together I knew FirstWalk was what I really needed to help me succeed and grow my real estate career into the future. It focuses on marketing your own personal brand through social media & capturing repeat business from past clients, due to its smart tracking technology. The industry is shifting & so are the agents, so you better get comfortable with change if you want to stay in the game! FirstWalk offers that, it covers you in every category you need to be a top-tier agent. The system in place is very user friendly & will teach you how to specifically focus, but not limit yourself on new home construction. You will also really build great relationships with builders' sales reps. FirstWalk has impacted my business allowing me to capture leads & sales from family, friends, and referrals. FirstWalk provides the necessary changes that are needed to stay on top of this ever evolving industry. 

Jason Parks

EXP Realty LLC


  • No Social Media - You will need social media accounts or willing to create a Facebook and Youtube business profiles.
  • Can't Upload a Video - You will need to know how to upload a video from your phone to Facebook & Youtube or willing and able to learn. 
  • Unrealistic expectations - Posting one, five, or even ten videos will not make you a top agent.


  • Agents on a Budget - Who want RESULTS!
  • Marketing-Savvy Agents - Add to your Marketing Mix
  • Agents Focused on Growth - Willing to plant seeds for a strong foundation.
  • Anyone Who Wants - MORE CLOSINGS!
  • Agents That Want Recognition Becoming an overnight success story, in one year from now. 

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