Getting To Know- Willis Texas

Getting to know- Willis Texas- Wildkat Country

Welcome to Willis Texas! One of the fastest growing cities in the area and with the long anticipated opening of The Woodlands Hills, a master planned community by The Howard Hughes Corporation, the city is primed for a social and economic boom. Mirroring The Woodlands, The Woodlands Hills will incorporate a lot of the same green lushness, keeping ‘woodland’ feel inside the neighborhood. Willis is rural and wooded enough to give you the secluded feel of being in the country but a quick drive south on the freeway will take you into Conroe or The Woodlands.

Today we’ll talk about what there is to do in Wildkat country. In Willis we love the lake, and we

Picture of Lake Conroe

love our schools. Spending hot summer days on Lake Conroe is a favorite of the locals, whether you’re enjoying the lake from the patio of your favorite restaurant or you’re cruising the lake on a pontoon,  we know how to enjoy the heat. So many eateries surround Lake Conroe and have the added convenience of sporting their own docks so lake lovers can come in straight off the water. Live music and drink specials can be found year-round, just remember to bring a DD so you can enjoy responsibly. ​

Another cherished pastime is our children’s sporting events. WISD is a 5A school, with great academics and award winning extracurricular activities. Softball and baseballs games, Friday night football games and everything in between are a family fun way to show your enthusiasm for the city

Willis Texas homecoming parade

and support for the home team! The school organizes fun fundraisers throughout the year so families around the district can get involved. Two of the most beloved traditions is the Willis Homecoming Parade (which always falls around Halloween, be sure to bring baskets to receive candy) and The City of Willis Christmas Parade. ​

Willis Texas is growing, and while it’ll always have that small town feel, The Woodlands Hills is a great place to plant your roots. Lake life in the summer and family friendly fall activities are just a few of the reasons so many people call this town home. Welcome to the neighborhood!​

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