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Lemon & Ginger is a brand new cleaning service, where it goes way deeper than cleaning. We offer basic and deep cleaning, double body cleaning, carpet shampooing, and a personal approach that will leave you happy and your home even more beautiful! 🍋🧼✨

Products & Services

The Double Body Clean 👯‍♀️ 🧽

$50.00 · 2 hours · Body doubling simply means doing a task in the presence of another person. I have ADHD, and something that always helps me is when another person is present to just talk to me. Sometimes not even do anything. But it’s always motivated me to get more done more efficiently. I offer this service for people who may just want to talk while we tag team clean your kitchen living and dining room. To add bedrooms and closets as well to this clean, I will adjust the price accordingly to how much time I spend with you and the amount of extra work and organization we get done. 🦋✨ I’m a mom of a small toddler so sometimes getting this done can mean that while you entertain your kids, I’ll just talk to you as I clean the main areas of your house. It’s a great way to get to know me as your REGULAR cleaning lady 💖. Book Now

Super Squeeze 🍋

$225.00· 6 hours · DEEP CLEAN! The super squeeze is mandatory as a first time service for all new clients! And is a deep cleaning of all common areas, (kitchen, living room, laundry room, living room, dining room) all bedrooms, and bathrooms to include fans, baseboards, deep scrub of bathroom/shower/toilet. Dishes will be put in the dishwasher and whatever doesnt fit and needs to be hand washed, comes at an extra charge. (This price can vary depending on # of bedrooms and bathrooms & condition of the home. Photos can be sent for a proper quote) Book Now

Declutter! 📦

Contact me · 5 hours · Let’s get rid of it! This service is a 3-5 hour service to help you part with things taking up space, or needing to downsize for a move, etc. ✨ price ranges from $100-$250 depending on how many rooms we get thru! I will bring your trash bags with me to dispose of to take that off of you as well! Book Now

Let's get organized! 💅

Contact me · 3 hours · This service is for closets, laundry rooms, even kitchens or living rooms! Whether you need your closet color-coded and shoes organized, or your bathroom counters and cabinets organized, or If you have a ton of extra things you can’t part with, I want to help you figure out how to store them properly! Contact me with photos of what room it is you’d like to organize and we can discuss a reasonable price. ✨ Book Now

Moving out!

Contact me · 5 hours · Moving out? I’m your gal! All furniture and big trash must be out of your home/apartment/duplex/townhome before I can start. Baseboards, appliances, bathrooms, all bedrooms, etc completely deep cleaned. Photos of each room will be needed in order for a proper quote. I can also FaceTime for that part! Book Now

Move in clean🏡

$100.00 · 3 hours 30 minutes · Want your new home smelling new AND clean? I’m you giiiirl! ✨ new builds, previously lived-ins, apartments, duplexes, townhomes, RV, you name it. *the condition of the previously lived in anything may change the price slightly* Book Now

Camera-ready 📸

$75.00 · 2 hours · This clean is designed to tidy up every room being photographed for photos being taken to sell or rent out a home for when you list it! Extremely basic cleaning, picking things up off of the floor, vacuuming, beds made, tables organized, counters wiped, etc. I’ll even offer organization tips for “minimalizing” your space to make for a neater photo!  Book Now

Furniture shampoo 🛋️

Contact me · 4 hours · For all fabric couches, ottomans, and dinner table chairs with fabric, basically any furniture with fabric can be cleaned deeply with my machine. Price varies by the amount of furniture and condition. Will need photos of the furniture and the amount of furniture being cleaned for a proper quote. Ranges from $50-$250 depending on the condition and amount of furniture being done! Book Now

After-hours clean!

Contact me · 6 hours · This is a service you’ll have to contact me for, we can find a day that I’m available to come after 5 pm and do a lemon fresh clean of your home in case you have a scheduling conflict that won’t allow for you to have your home cleaned during regular business hours 💛 life gets really busy and hectic and I get that. After-hours services are limited to 6 hours in total. Lemon fresh, carpet shampooing, or the double body clean. The super squeeze is not offered after hours. Book Now

Business Details

Hi! My name is Ginger Fernandez and I am THE face of Lemon & Ginger! I started this business/charity with the goal of reaching mom’s, families, young people, basically anyone in need of a FRESH START. 

A little about my story and passion on why it’s more than a cleaning service. In 2021 I had my son Miguel, and it was not easy. We had a long NICU stay, and a genetic diagnosis. It took me a year and a half to get my mind, and my house back in order. I minimalized, moved, and got a do-over. My home is almost always spotless (when my son isn’t destroying it) but before I moved, so many things got out of control. I couldn’t ever keep it clean. I avoided it at all costs because I felt so guilty for letting it get as bad as it did.    

I can’t help but think and even KNOW that this happens to soooooo many people. Postpartum depression took a huge toll on me and affected every single part of my life. It quite literally consumed me… and the mess piled up. I can’t help but feeling like I’m not the only one. It’s deeper than cleaning for me.

Your support matters!

Every 10th clean I give back to a mother or family in need for free. 

I will make posts on Facebook. I encourage past and future clients in the journey to helping me find a mom, family or friend in need of that clean. The clean that’s going to help them get back on track. 

You also have the ability to gift a clean to someone you love! 

I thrive in chaos, and I can’t wait to help so many people go from chaos to clean very soon! I offer a variety of cleaning services and cannot wait to meet you all.

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Customer Reviews

5 / 5

Super sweet and professional! Did an amazing job on my couch and barstools! Will definitely be contacting her for services again!


Ginger did a great job. She not only cleaned my furniture but my house smells amazingly clean.

I will be definitely be a repeat customer.


I 10000/10 recommend Ginger! She was amazing & did a deep clean on our home which desperately needed it. She did an amazing job & truly has an eye for all of the little details. I can’t wait to book with her again soon!


Lemon & Ginger did not disappoint! We chose the Super Squeeze and I am so glad we did this! Between my fiancé & I working all the time it was so nice to have her come in and refresh our home for us! 👏🏼 Will definitely be using her again in the future!


I spiraled and lost control of what should be considered my safe relaxing space. Thanks to Lemon & Ginger services I was able to walk into my place today and feel relieved, relaxed, and stress-free. A miracle worker with a beautiful soul. 🫶🏼


OMG! I just want to say how amazing my house looked! She did such an amazing job! Due to my stressful & very demanding Job I let my home get out of control and I didn’t know where to start, walking in to my home was very overwhelming for me. Today was different I cried because my home looked beautiful once again! Thank you so much for taking care of my home ❤️


Ginger did a great job at cleaning my house! It was my first time using her and she did not disappoint. 10/10 recommend!


Never imagined seeing a day to where i feel relief coming back to my home so spotless .. ginger has given me my life back. I get to enjoy spending my time with my babies throughout the day without feeling discouraged to do anything . Thank you for making my life so much easier !🤍


Booked the double body clean and was shocked at how much we accomplished!!! This service is the best idea and I’ve never seen it offered before. Ginger was so fun to chat with. I cannot wait to have her back!


Definitely recommend!! Very thorough clean and she is very down to earth. Makes you feel so comfortable throughout the cleaning process! I chose the double body clean and we were able to get a lot done in a small amount of time. 😊👍


10/10 service!!! Since moving to the area I’ve been looking for a great cleaning lady. Ginger came prepared with all materials needed for cleaning, showed up on time, great communication and even did a load of laundry for me! I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing cleaning! She is a one stop shop! I will be booking again🫶🏼

Shane Bean

Ginger is amazing! I'm a real estate agent that used her Super Squeeze clean and Carpet Shampooing for a home. It's important that a home smells great the second a perspective buyer walks in a home. The home had two dogs and a cat after she was finished the home spelt great. It was a night and day difference. Thanks Ginger

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